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Step 2. Expose your golf cart batteries. If you are getting power to the charger, it's time to check the batteries. Most batteries are located under the seat, which flips up for a.

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. Start with the key in the “off” position, and the cart direction in “neutral.”. Set your multimeter to ohms and place one contact on each terminal. It should read “0” in this position. Switch the direction to forward, turn the cart on, and press the accelerator. As we mentioned earlier, you should hear a click. Add to Cart. Yamaha Drive G29 Power Spring Kit. MSRP: $81.95 $56.95. Add to Cart. Driven Clutch Kit - High Torque Spring for Yamaha G2-G22 Golf Cart. MSRP. Yamaha G29 golf cart’s top speed is about 24 km/h with a turning radius of 2.8 meters. Nevertheless, it is not a very fast golf cart but it has a good range of features.

You can troubleshoot the 2006 Yamaha golf cart controller using the following steps: Measure the voltage readings of the batteries. The ideal voltage is between 0 and 48 volts. Check all the wires and cables. If there is a loose connection, discard the cable and connect it again. Press down the accelerator to examine the voltage increase. Service Parts Manual Fits 1997 Club Car Ds Gas & Electric Golf Cart Tranquility Price: $7.95 Learn More: Golf Cart Side Mirrors For Club Car Ez Go Yamaha And Others Anti Friction Price: $18.23 Learn More: Service Manual Fits 1998 1999 Club Car Golf Cart Maintenance Set Price: $6.98 Learn More: Golf Cart Side Mirrors Rear View For Ezgo Yamaha. Golf Cart Motors October 1, 2021. 48 ... 20390-77, 20390-88, 21750, 20405-00, 16705, 16705-77, 16705-88 Replaces OEM Number: 1018006-06. View More. 4kw 48v AC Motor For Electric Golf Car. $300.00-$350 ... 48 Volt 110AH Aluminum Casing Maintenance Free Lithium Ion Battery 48 Volt 4KW AC Motor 400 Amp Evolution AC. Yamaha Golf Car Drive2 AC.

Start with the key in the “off” position, and the cart direction in “neutral.”. Set your multimeter to ohms and place one contact on each terminal. It should read “0” in this position. Switch the direction to forward, turn the cart on, and press the accelerator. As we mentioned earlier, you should hear a click.

Press and hold this button for a few moments and then release it to reset the motor. Put the cover back on your golf cart motor and seal it back with the screwdriver. Remove the cinder blocks from the golf cart. Hook your battery charger back up to your motor to get it back to an optimal state. At this point, your golf cart motor has been reset.

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Driver Side Rear Axle for Yamaha G8, G14, G16 Electric Golf Cart. MSRP: $122.95.. No matter why you’re needing Yamaha golf cart parts - for luxury, safety or simply repair and maintenance - Golf Cart King has both Yamaha gas golf cart parts and Yamaha electric golf cart parts.We carry golf cart parts and accessories for the following Yamaha cart models: Yamaha Drive.

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First, you'll want to reset your motor. Get out your handy screw driver and work to uncover the motor itself. It should have a small reset button (Usually it will be red) located near the main battery supply. Hit the reset button and then put the cover back on the motor. The next step would be to recharge your cart and try turning it on again. See Picture below. If your golf cart motor has wires coming out the end and has a speed sensor it is a Regen Motor. If your golf cart has a toggle switch for the Forward / Reverse Selector you have a regen cart. Lastly if you are under the golf cart and you see two different size threaded anchor bolts 2x @1/4″-20 and 2x @5/16″-20 it is a. To detect such errors, you have to check as follows: Take a 6-gauge wire. Jump the two large posts on the solenoid. If the cart runs when you hold the wire on the solenoid posts, then the issue is with the cable connection. You should check this in both the Forward and Reverse position of the F & R switch.

Put the tow/run switch to run. Put forward/reverse switch to reverse. Put key switch to on. Lock the throttle pedal down with a second set of hands or object. The reverse buzzer will sound and go off in approximately 30 seconds. Leave the cart like that for 5 min to cause the OBC to reset.

Press this button and reassemble your cart. To reset an E-Z-Go golf cart you must first push the reset button on the steering wheel. ... This button is positioned near the battery supply where electrical lines enter the motor. To reset your E-Z-Go cart push the red button on the side of the cart. ... 2012 Yamaha Drive G29 48v Electric Golf Cart. Look in the area where several electrical wires enter the motor and locate a small red button. This is the reset button. Push the button to reset the motor. Put the panel in place and secure it with the screws. Turn on the cart's motor and push on the accelerator pedal. If the cart now moves, the issue has been resolved. History of Yamaha Golf CartYamaha electric golf carts were first launched in the United States in 1978 with a gas-powered model. If the cart DOES have this switch it is a Regen Regenerative Braking cart. This is to bypass the speed controller to diagnose if a cart has a good motor. Club Car Ds 36v Electric 83 5 Forward And Reverse Switch Golf. There are a lot of different Ezgo models out there, but lets look at the obvious first. Can you hook up the charger and see if it works. This will tell us if the battery connections are good and the batteries are still functioning. There is no reset button on the motor, but some of the later models do have a reset on the motor controller.

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